RainI remember…

It was over 30 years ago when I first learned the Siddhis. While deep within the transcendent a feeling of solidity, far beyond the solidity I had felt through meditative transcending, overtook me. It permeated my body. I remember trying to describe the feeling… “I feel like a walnut… solid, fixed, strong, established.”

The transcendent is solid but unstructured… infinite, but without edge… all pervasive. This feeling was very different… infinitely integrated… as if all pieces of the infinite puzzle of life fit together into a solid integrated field of Oneness. Yet no piece was dissolved or lost. The integration was so complete that ‘other’ and ‘all one’ created a state of oneness in unity. This is integration… wholeness… Holiness.

It is not an attitude. It is not about choosing to be strong. It can not be adhered to via behavioral modification. It is not superficial… not a personality trait. It is not forceful, aggressive, macho or controlling. All of those things are superficial… of the personality. It is rooted in the deepest level of existence, where Oneness births multiplicity. From that level it wells up to permeate the entire physiology… body and mind, heart and soul. It certainly has little if anything to do with what society portrays as strong. It is a state of physiology.

It is the ‘Iron Ball.’

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