Classes for me are a wonderful opportunity to take a step back from all the busyness of my life. It is my great joy to have a few days to sit and explore the Knowledge with everyone. To be with, and commune with, so many people I care about feeds my soul. It is something I long for. It’s something we all long for. Yet, in our busy lives, we often don’t take time to accommodate that. For me, classes are that great gift of time to commune.

The first of the three days was more just a time of being together and settling in. It was sort of a regrouping and brushing away the cobwebs of our overly demanding daily schedules. Admittedly, at the end of the day I had some concern. Realizing how much I had been pushing, I felt like I had to strive to overcome the fatigue I felt in my body and wondered if I therefore had done everyone there a disservice. As it turned out, the feedback was wonderful. Everyone cherished the settled, reflective communion of visiting together. A little surprising to me was the feedback regarding all the deep content that I included in that day. To me, everything in life is profound. As it turned out, that profundity and beauty I feel for all of life shined through.

Rejuvenated, the next two days were packed with Knowledge. As with every class that I give, I feel some sadness about the people who were unable to attend. I never repeat the same class twice. Audio tapes or written summaries only convey a small fraction of the content.

Life is all too often reduced to a handful of facts or concepts. It is the texture of life—inaccessible through mere accounts, thoughts, and concepts—that gives it meaning, that gives it depth. Most of what is accomplished in the classes is through our shared presence. After all, healing is a feeling, a state of Being, a state of physiology. As we open to that, we become full, whole, within our own selves.

Michael Mamas Mount Soma Classes

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