Mount Soma’s Video Stream a Great Success!

We really enjoyed talking to the Advanced Techniques students and look forward to doing it again! We also look forward to video streaming with the entire student body as well as the public at large.

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  1. Here are some comments received from students who watched the live stream:

    “Thank you for the humor and ease during this class. ‘Minimally imposing’ was also a very good turn of phrase for what to do.”

    “Thank you! This was wonderful!!”

    “Great presentation. Loved it.”

    “That was AWESOME!”

  2. Woohoo! Technology can do amazing things with the right master!!!

  3. The Advanced Techniques are so incredibly profound and life changing that it’s hard to describe the experience in words. I truly hope everyone takes advantage of this wonderfully rare and remarkable opportunity!

  4. The Advanced Techniques class enlivened our meditation even more. I was thrilled to have this follow-up video stream class for the questions that have come up as a result of meditating with these new techniques.

  5. I was glad to watch the video since I missed the live presentation. It was great hearing the questions and spending time with Dr. Mamas. I also didn’t realize we would be getting another AT so that was a fun surprise. Please do more of these as it felt like I was there with you all and miss that connection.

  6. The follow-up was wonderful and, as I realized, much needed. I loved the flow of the session. Questions about the AT, and then a little bit of everything else that seemed important.

  7. Wow, I love these comments. They inspire me to want to do more video streaming. Please keep the comments coming!

  8. Thank you. The video was great!

    When I was a child in a religious school, I was told the ideal way to live is to “be in this world but not of it”. I had no idea what it meant but somewhere quiet within me was implanted a life long pursuit of just that. It seemed achievable but how ??? Even though i got distracted with my curiosity towards the very intriguing concept of what “sin” was that so often was mentioned in lectures and sermons, from deep within, I was propelled to never stop looking for a way that intertwined ease and Truth. My notion of what that would look like had included all kinds of sacrifices, constraints and restraints. No fun. No joy!! No laughter??

    And so I am immeasurably delighted to have the Advanced Techniques because, without a doubt, I have now, finally, the how!!! I so love that physicality is not ignored but becoming integrated and part of the experience of all that is.

    I bow to you for sharing these Techniques. Thank you.

  9. This was great. I really enjoyed dropping in on Mount Soma from afar, seeing Dr. Mamas and hearing more about the techniques. I look forward to doing more of these.

  10. The video was really very worthwhile.

    I knew the advanced techniques were having a profound affect on my meditation and sutra practice during the course.

    Now, back in my regular activity, I am finding an amazing benefit in my everyday life.

    Many thanks

  11. Love the “gathering” via video and the comfort from experiencing how students’ questions are so respectfully and thoroughly addressed by Dr Mamas.
    Moreover, the ease with which I am navigating thru my everyday life now is truly remarkable. I hope everyone can learn the ATS for they are life changing.
    Thank you

  12. I’m not sure it makes sense, but since attending the advanced techniques course this summer, meditation feels more like communion with an old friend rather than just something I do to rest my physiology.

    Maybe someone else can explain it better?

  13. Beautiful!