cornRecently I was asked if it is not good to listen to music, watch television, movies, due to imposition on the awareness if your wanting to evolve, i.e. wanting to refine your nervous system.

To which I respond:

If you do everything that you should do to evolve exactly right, you don’t end up enlightened, you end up insane.  Obsessing over the right food at every meal, the right exercise every day, do the right this, avoid the wrong that – it will drive you crazy!  There are mantras for everything… before you sleep, when you awake, before you eat, when you rest, even when you go to the bathroom – you can’t do them all.

So what to do?  You do your very best, but be easy with it.  Pay attention to how you feel after you eat a particular food or watch a particular type of movie.  Lean in the direction of what you feel is right.  Crude influences culture crudeness in the physiology.  But easy does it.  Pushing, pushing, pushing yourself is a crude influence in and of itself. Specifically regarding music and TV, the same principle applies.  A research study was done with different types of music played to crops of corn.  Rock music had a negative influence and the corn grew more poorly than with no music. Classical music did well.  Gandharva Veda ragas scored the best.

Some dogs are such ‘great mothers’ that they clean and nibble the pups feet and tails to the point of damaging them.  Do not do that to yourself!  Evolution is a culturing process.  The environment and feeling level is critical.  Be kind to yourself.  At the same time, a lackadaisical approach yields lackadaisical results.  It is a matter of balance.

The truth is, how your psyche functions determines how you hold that balance… how you tip the scales.  This goes right back to cultivating discernment with the foundation being proper meditation.  That is what purifies the physiology and psyche.  So meditate and do your best to discern.  Know that nature is on your side.

All water finds it way back to the ocean.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.