Year of positive direction yet turbulent transition.

A frozen winter, etc. will sober the west to the pragmatics of life.

The press will become more and more a positive force instead of a weapon of manipulation.

NGOs  [non governmental organizations] will be exposed.

The ivory tower will topple as the world awakens

europe post WW2 vassal of usa … both will continue to awaken.

Italy: Georgia Meloni premier will continue to rise

France: Marine Le Pen 42 percent of presidental vote against Macron

Germany will find its grassroots stable footing.

USA will sober up.  Markets will dip before recovery emerges.

China will struggle as population stands up in defiance.

Russia/Ukraine war: endless headaches regardless of “outcome”.

EASTERN EUROPE… where autocratic east/west mentalities collide. E.g. WW1,WW2, Ukraine

Iran internal unrest

Africa, South America…in clutches of China

As it is said courage is 50% fear and 50% commitment to a cause.   in 2023 the grassroots stand up with increasing courage.

Agents with unlimited power to destroy their political opponents will begin to lose their grip and pay the price.

Many more conspiracy theories will be turning out to be true; yet the depth of the corruption [on all levels] will be little me than glimpsed, but exposed enough to bring forth the great transition.

for example, Covid and what was labeled miss information

Sophomoric perspectives [too vast to even list] will give way to common sense / wisdom.

Diverse society is one thing multiculturalism is another.

Even Merkel said multiculturalism does not work.

The culture of the land needs to be embraced for the country to be strong, stable and healthy

Yet as the pendulum swings, beware of extremism in both directions

supreme court will find its moral backbon.  Easy to find the leaker? Ok, so who was it?

“Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.”


 “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”


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