focusI have two personal offices in my home. One is a traditional sort of office. The other is my home gym. It is a place where I go not just to workout, but also to hangout. It gives my mind some space… a different type of space to reflect, ponder, and plan my day. Before I exercise, I warm up with a foam roller, etc. Often during part of the warm up, I will put on the television and tune in and out of listening to the news. One newly added and essential part of that space is my dry erase board. Currently, I have the following written on that board:

Better is better.
Earn it. Mean it.
Let’s get serious.

Regarding ‘Better is better’, it points out that more is not better. Better is better.
Now this for me is all about one thing: Fascination. The quotes (simple as they are) fascinate me. To may they say a lot about the human psyche.

If I have a secret to my life, it is that I pursue what fascinates me. Of course, along with that path are things I do not like but must do… such as paying taxes. However, I do not allow those things to cloud my fascination. Furthermore, for something to really, really fascinate me, it must be something I really, really believe in.

Just this morning my daughter asked me to check her math homework for her. As usual, when she began reading a math problem, I stopped her. I told her that I need to have control of my mind when I do math… i.e. to read at my own pace and rhythm. As I usually do with my kids (sometimes eliciting a roll of their eyes) I, waxing philosophical, generalize the point. I told her that she needs to be able to take control of her own mind in life. That is called focus.

So if you want my suggestion for a possible New Year’s Resolution: Find something that really fascinates you. See what is in it that you believe in. And then focus on making it so in your life.

Belief and fascination are the fuels of passion and progress.

This time of year a common resolution is to exercise and get healthy. That is not enough. Why you believe in it… well… that is probably simple enough… good health, feel better, look better, etc. But that is not enough. Find the fascination in it. Fascination with how the human physiology works… Fascination with how your psyche works in relation to it… whatever it may be that fascinates you about it. THEN you are ready to take control of your mind and focus. Part of the focus may include research. The Internet makes that easy. Just remember that life is a string of failures as you pursue what you believe in. That is called the churning process, like when the Gods and Asuras had their tug of war, out of which came the nectar of immortality. Remember: Forward, forward, always forward. And do what it takes to accommodate YOUR process, if it is having to read the math problem for yourself, or finding a way to ease in to the gym… like saying you will just go roll around on the floor for a few minutes with the tv on. Work with your psyche – don’t fight it.

If you fight your psyche, you will lose.

Lastly but importantly, I read an article today about habits. The idea was the neurons in the brain become linked so that when one fires, the other automatically fires as well. This conditions your mind to function a certain way and is the source of bad habits. Freeing up the nervous system is the way out of this. I call that clearing the samskaras, the programming of how you function. The best way of doing that is through proper meditation, which you can learn free on this website. Now there is a New Year’s Resolution for you: meditate regularly. But hold on here. First get clear on why you really believe in meditation [many good reasons like evolution, health, freedom from any and all bad habits, etc… just take your pick]. Then find your fascination with that: fascination with the notion of enlightenment, health, etc. etc… whatever works for you. Then focus… and do whatever YOU need to do for YOUR psyche to keep it going… maybe even a dry erase board would help inspire you to keep up your belief, fascination, and focus.

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