mmEach of us has a world we live in.  Of course, in the deepest sense, you have no limit. However, on the level of daily life we each have a certain size to our sphere of awareness, activity and influence… our world. Our global group mentality, too, is a world… a group consciousness… a self perpetuating system.

The other morning at the temple, around 4 a.m., sitting in front of the linga, I saw the size of our world – the group consciousness of humanity. It was represented as the size of the linga before me.  Then my awareness went to the bigger invisible linga that reached infinitely up and out of the temple and into the earth, engulfing the physical linga before me. It was as if the physical linga was a small gateway to its greater nature.  It started with a mudra that took me over, raised back my head, pushed back my arms, and showed me what was always there, but not yet physiologically lived by humanity.

To accomplish our goal for Mount Soma, the group sphere of awareness is expanding to this size.  This is not a conceptual shift but a physiological shift.  As your sphere of influence expands, your world expands – your physiology expands.

We are all ever-expanding – always opening to new horizons.  But to open further, you must be willing to open.  If not, the process is resisted and constrained.  But to want to open is not to know what that really means or to see what direction it leads… what it feels like in the physiology, in the psyche.  Even among those wanting to open, few are willing to open, preferring that it would conform to notions of how it should be… conform to your current sphere, world, mentality.

Even a small glimpse of that new world is a wonderful gift pointing in a direction and opening the way.  Each sphere, each world you may for a time be living in, seems small, cloistered, and constricted in contrast to the next.  Yet the physiology must be prepared before the next shift can take place.  Otherwise, the individual can not hold it… like a lotto winner who can not deal with the world they find themselves thrown into… or an overnight success in the entertainment business unable to live in the new world they find themselves in.  When done in this balanced manner, each successive sphere brings with it greater joy, wisdom, happiness, evolution, positive influence, and vision. It is like the successive blossoming of a flower.  Through proper meditation and discernment, you culture your physiology for expansion.  When done by even one individual, it supports the future expansion of global consciousness.

There is no end to expansion.  It happens gradually, yet with phase transitions along the way.  The next stage of expansion of our global mentality is on its way.  A glimpse, of not just the conceptual details but the physiological experience of an expanded global mentality, changes lives.  It will be quite something when it happens globally.  We are most fortunate to be living at this time of great transition.

Now it is important to make it clear that each individual’s role will expand as the global awareness expands.  Those leading the way will expand to take on greater roles, opening the doors for all others.  The shift in the linga size represents the shift in each individual’s role.

The other night this expansion from the physical to the bigger linga was experienced as the expansion of my own personal role that will, and needs to, take place.  It may or may not look dramatically different on the surface.  That will depend upon the perceiver.  However, inside, where it really matters, the shift will be huge.

I invite you to join me.


© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.