snowThe Deep Dive Meditation Retreat, going on at Mount Soma now, has permeated the atmosphere  with a magnificent feeling of sweet stability, peace, and sustenance.  In searching for a word to describe it, “normal” comes to mind.  It feels normal to me.  In this day and age, “normal” is something very rare and precious.  It is very different from “average” or “typical”.  Normal means natural.  Normal means the way life was designed to be… how life was designed to feel.

During my years of ashram living, “normal” was a daily living reality.  After leaving the ashram, “normal” was something I profoundly missed.  But I felt compelled, even obligated, to recreate that state of normal for the entire world… for all of humanity.  The atmosphere is so very important to life.  A fish out of water is not a happy fish.  The typical atmosphere humanity has created in this world of ours is far from normal.

With the retreat going on, I feel like I am on vacation.  Mount Soma has been growing in this direction for some time, but it is even more tangible now.  I remember decades ago in India there was a large assembly of saints and meditators that created a feeling like this.  I did not fully realize how much I missed it until we recreated it here at Mount Soma, particularly during this retreat.  It is a beautiful ‘welcome home’ sort of feeling.

This underscored the nature of our purpose.  We do not need to directly abolish war or pollution or starvation or disharmony among people.  We have only to create this atmosphere in the world.  Once done, it is only a matter of time before “unnatural behavior” bubbles out and is cast aside and all of life returns to normal.  Normal means natural.  Natural means fulfilled, happy, harmonious, prosperous, content, joyful, healthy… abundant.  The true nature of life is bliss.  All else is unnatural. All we need to do is create the proper atmosphere.  Then, quite simply… over time, everything will self correct.

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