NOMany factors are involved in most everything… every perspective, every decision, every philosophy, etc.  Disagreements arise. Not so much because of the difference in opinion, but rather on how adamant one is regarding his perspective.  Usually, if one is willing to reflect, he can see at least some truth in both perspectives.

Conflicts amplify further when one overstates his viewpoint to be sure he has made it.  A tug of war results.  It may be feared that acknowledging the truth in the other perspective may result in losing the argument.  The other perspective is then underrated.  Nothing is black and white, but people try to make it all black and white.  As it is said, yin creates yang… right creates left… the wheel of life goes round and round.

I recently told someone something I felt would help him… encouraging him to be bolder and move forward with his life.  I knew it would stretch his comfort zone.  It will be easy for him to take a stand and overstate my words in his mind – to make me wrong – to justify his current worldview.  We will see what he does with my words.

Balance is the key.

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