You may have noticed that world history, when presented succinctly, often barely mentions India.  That is perplexing.  However, taking a deeper look reveals why.

To begin with, the notion of zero originated in India.  Zero, of course, is nothing.  How interesting that it is represented by a circle.  A circle has no handle, no edge, no tip, nothing to grab on to.  A dog chasing its tail forms a zero.  Humanity wants something, not nothing.  We are taught from childhood to view the world in terms of things.  Nothing is not really understood.

The crux of the issue, however, is that the real gift from India is nothing… Pure Nothingness… the Transcendent.  When you finally awaken to the true nature of existence, you awaken to nothing… no thing… that which transcends thingness.  Nothing is the backdrop of existence.  It is the essence of everything.  Of course, when the knowledge from India is studied, the attempt is to turn it into something.  Attempting to introduce people to nothing is not understood.  It can even be received with hostility, as if the receiver feels they are being toyed with.  The essence of Vedic Knowledge then slips through the fingers.

Who would have thought that awakening to the true nature of nothing is the ultimate awakening?  How many believe that nothing is a simple concept so easily understood.  How many believe that understanding Vedic literature is something attained through memorization, the intellect, an emotional epiphany, or at least some thing!

Indeed, India’s greatest gift to the world is nothing!  Nothing transcends everything.  It is the field of pure consciousness, not yet conscious of any thing.  Therein lies the riddle of life… the longing, the impulse, in need to make nothing something.  Certainly something, all things, are made out of nothing.  But nothing is not something.  Of course, you can wrap your brain around that but then it is not that.  You just have made something out of nothing and it is then no longer nothing.

When you first awaken to nothing, then you will understand.  You will stand under everything.  Nothing under stands everything.  Everything comes from nothing.  Taking that as a concept can even frighten people, as if the world then is viewed as useless.  However, nothing can be further from the truth (pun intended).  After awakening to Nothing, all things take on a whole new, deeper, more profound, and beautiful meaning.  Life becomes truly rich.

Indeed, we can all be most grateful to India, for giving us nothing.

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