O Christmas Tree

The feeling at Mount Soma these days is so sweet. We often congregate at the Student Union for lunch. Personally, I rely on those lunches for my primary source of sustenance, bringing some extra home for my evening meal. Today after lunch, a few of us decorated the Christmas tree. It was delightful. The Christmas carols played as the festivity waxed in beauty. Community… so exquisite… feeding the body, mind, and spirit…

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  1. How beautiful. The start of the season surely has been blessed and enlivened with last weekends’ snowfall blanketing the grounds, trees, and the mountainsides.

  2. Thank you for the heartfelt share. Decorating a Christmas tree together is indeed a community activity. This year I decorated at mom’s while she decided what she wanted on the tree and directed if there was a gap. It’s what she can do. Not the same as years past,but still bringing us together. I look forward to the day I can decorate the Mt. Soma Christmas tree with my spiritual family.

  3. The sweetness of your experience washed through me. I’m so glad you all shared that. Communion is so nourishing. It sounds lovely.