On Decision Making

On Decision-Making - Michael MamasRemember… you can justify anything with the intellect, and people do. Ultimately, our intellect rallies around our feelings to justify them. Feel deeply within, which is different from feeling intensely. Wisdom is the integration of the fine (deep) feeling level with our thoughts, and ultimately, our actions. Wise decisions are based upon deep feelings, not intense emotions. Intense emotions are often (perhaps usually) not all that deep, not that wise. It is not wise to make decisions based upon whatever emotions overwhelm you.

In life, look at all the alternatives, consider all the facts, think, reflect and ponder, then go with the one you feel, from deep within, the best about… or in some cases, dislike the least. Consider the facts… pros and cons… but in the final analysis, what matters is how you feel about those facts from deep within, not how hot or cold your emotions are running. Wisdom is the integration of the depth of your being with your thoughts and actions. Thoughts and actions are best based upon the depth, not the surface. What lies at your depth are fine feelings, not intense emotions.

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  1. I was just talking with a friend about how we see ourselves and others take completely opposite points of view on a given subject from one week to the next, depending on what is going on in our lives at the moment and what reflects our emotional experience at the moment. I guess there is a flexibility in this that could be good, but also an inconsistency and double standard or hypocrisy that is… hmmm… interesting / questionable.