I received the following comment:

I’m reminding myself of the transience of life and don’t see any point in anything. I see motivation as a distraction away from the present. It sounds depressing but it’s actually liberating. I also find I perform the tasks that I have to do much better the less motivated I am because I’m more aware of where I am, rather than when I’m working towards something. Does that make sense?

To which I respond:

Yes that makes sense. But what motivated you to write this?  But do not misunderstand me. There are multiple realities. We live in all of them simultaneously. Motivation as a distraction and motivation as everything coexist. No problem. Paradox does find its resolution in the depth of existence… the depth of our being. No need to identify with one reality and call it absolute truth. That is called ignore-ance. Ignore all other realities except one. See?

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