The surface of life is predominantly run by cause and effect… it is the world of karma… predetermination.
The depth of your being is the source of your free will to influence and guide your life on the surface.
The degree to which you live from the depth is the degree to which you are free.
It is like the electron… a probability cloud with the freedom of all possibilities at the depth… a finite, locally confined point after it surfaces.

The depth lies deeper than thoughts… deeper than emotions.  It is the transcendental level of your being.

Prayer is communion with the depth.
‘Communion with the One thing that is the source of all things.
‘Communion with your Universal Self… with the One Universal Self… the One thing that is the source of all things… of all of us.
‘The place where you are One with God.

God’s will has two aspects, two levels… free will at the depth and the will that creates the laws of the world of cause and effect on the surface.
As you awaken to the depth, freedom permeates the surface to greater and greater degrees.
It is not enough to think you are free…
It is not even enough to feel you are free…
You must awaken to the level of your being that is truly free.

To live from that depth is to be eternally awake to it.
You are then in the world of karma, but not lost to the world of karma.
You have entered into the world of cause and effect, honoring its laws, while being guided by that which is beyond the grasp of those laws.
You are free.
Your life then is a constant prayer.


© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.