trash binThe most common barrier to success is not situational.  It is not financial.  It is not lack of sufficient intelligence.  It is not lack of creativity.

The primary barrier to success is emotional.  How do you emotionally respond to challenges, obstacles, opposition, problems, conflicts, etc.?

If you keep your emotional balance in such situations and remain committed to the task, the solution will come.  If you spin off track emotionally, success will likely slip away.  To keep your head, even when all around you are losing theirs, that is the key.

This does not mean to be unemotional.  It has more to do with managing those emotions wisely while moving forward.

Wise management does not mean suppression or denial.  It means keeping your balance and dealing with those emotions while not losing yourself to them.  You must find your own unique way of doing that.  It may mean taking a break from things for a while.  It may mean venting those emotions in a non-life-damaging manner.

Note that venting and indulging are two different things.  A pressure cooker needs a pop off valve, but you don’t put out the fire by fanning the flame.

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