catI was asked the following:

Please write more about fear, how to have a relationship with such a crippling thing, how to conquer that negative looping, how to dispel how tightly it remains in the tissues and brain and the Transcendent safety net?  Thank you.

To which I respond:

Just keep moving. People who feel crippled by fear do so because they have the habit of crumbling down into fetal position. It is as if they need a rock to hide under. In other words, they have the habit of giving in to fear. It is like a cramp in a muscle. It takes over the muscle. The muscle lives with the cramp. If you never work out the cramp, fascia infiltrates. The cramp fibroses in and becomes the standard state of the muscle. What is the solution? Move! Work out the cramp.

Was it Churchill that said if you find yourself in hell, just keep moving? In the case of fear, if you keep moving forward with your life you will move out of that hell and you will see that you are more resourceful and more supported by nature than you could ever imagine. Things do have a way of working themselves out, but you must give yourself, your life, a chance to do so. As you do move forward, you see this, and you thereby become increasingly confident… increasingly self-reliant, increasingly understanding that, indeed, nature does support.

Fear is not crippling unless you give yourself over to it. And that is far more common than you may think. Interestingly enough, those who have inherited some money often fall victim to this. They see the money as what protects them in life. As a result, they never find themselves in a position where they need to face life in spite of their fears. They hide beneath the rock of their money. This only reinforces underlying fear. They feel that if they do not hold on to the money, the worst will happen. They do not take in full breaths of life.

Please note that fear does not exist in the transcendental safety net. The Transcendent is free of fear. If you perceive fear when you look toward the transcendent, it is only because the depth of your being is shrouded by surface fear.

I could and have said many things about fear, such as once you are established in the Transcendent, you know the place inside that is free of fear. However, for now, this is enough. The bottom line today is MOVE FORWARD with your life. Your inner strength is like a muscle. You must use it for it to become strong. Hide away from life out of fear and you become inwardly weak and fear overtakes you.

Time is slipping away. As Frank M says, “Don’t be afraid to be great. The biggest fear you should have is not living up to your full potential.” You are far more resourceful, intelligent, and wise than you give yourself credit for. Boldly move forward in the direction of greatness and you will do far more than just overcome fear. You will become great.

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