The paradigm with which a person is identified is like a rubberband. With new insights, the paradigm can be stretched, and though the stretching may feel very good, the rubberband-like identity springs right back to where it was. Through the years it has astounded me to witness how adamant people are about their paradigm identities. So many times people have come up to me, after one of my lectures thrilled them, to say they have been looking for those teachings their whole life and that they would never miss another lecture or class. Then they walk out the lecture hall door, snap back into their old paradigm identity, never to be seen again!

Maharishi Patanjali said it so well: The Chit (storehouse of impressions) is as if etched in stone. The resultant paradigm is fixed and inflexible. Yet as one evolves, one becomes more flexible and can align with the paradigm that best serves the moment. To truly embrace the Ancient Secrets of the Masters is to become flexible—to easily embrace other paradigms.

Ancient paradigms involved the principle of mapping in very profound ways. Havans and pPujas are based upon the principle. Ancient technologies apply the principle. Mount Soma is built upon the mapping principle of how a city/community can be constructed in a manner to map onto the country. To heal the country is to build and operate that community.

It has been remarkable to experience how powerful that technology, the mapping, is. To build Mount Soma, we followed the ancient vastu guidelines and anyone at Mount Soma who follows the news can see how powerful that connection is. As Mount Soma flourishes, the country will flourish. This is what the ancients taught and it is what we are in the process of accomplishing.

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