“Genius is eternal patience.” – Michelangelo

What does it mean to be patient? On the surface, it may involve some self-control… resisting the impulse to speak or act. However, at the depth it is rooted in something quite different.

The Transcendent is infinitely patient. There is no time. There is infinite silence… infinite peace… infinite love, infinite understanding. The Transcendent stands under all that is… underlies all that is… understands all that is. It is the wellspring of infinite intelligence, infinite wisdom, infinite love, and infinite creativity. It is the very source of all the intelligence and creativity that birthed this entire universe. It is the silent, eternal witness.

By resting into that and living from that place within, you give nature the time and conditions required to well up through you with the full grandeur of all those qualities… intelligence, wisdom, love, creativity, understanding… i.e. the genius which is eternal patience… Divinity… Your True Nature.

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