WJ9A3784_HDRMy daughter is writing a paper on gender rules.  Should boys be allowed to play with dolls? Should boys be encouraged to play with dolls?  Should girls be allowed to dress like boys?  Etc., etc.  What does it mean to be male?  What does it mean to be female?

Just as I mentioned regarding politics, the whole topic seems to revolve around taking a stand, sticking to it, and trying to force a policy that conforms to that perspective.  Oh, if life were only so simple.

Every decade or so, a new viewpoint on things is adopted and adhered to in the name of political correctness, an evolved society, or some sort of epiphany.  To gain a better understanding of life, just look to the trees.  The are not rigid.  They sway with the wind.  Wisdom does not hold fast to one fixed perspective.  Life is a paradox, not a rule book.  In more enlightened times, wisdom will replace policy. Contradictory points will not be argued.  They will be held gently and reflected upon thoughtfully.  When vision is narrow, the tree of life becomes rigid and brittle.  Yet when vision is narrow, effective policies are the best humanity can hope for.

Currently, we live in a world of fanaticism. In time, we will live in the Age of Wisdom.

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