treesA comment including the question, “How do you fix a nation that doesn’t want to fix itself?” was posted in my last blog. My answer is below.

The solution to not only this but all problems is the same one thing: Awakening of world consciousness to pure consciousness.

By infusing pure consciousness (the Unified Field) into relative existence, all is healed. It is like watering the root of a plant to feed all aspects of the plant.

Pure consciousness is the underlying basis of all existence. It is the source of infinite harmony, peace, intelligence, awareness, health, divinity, wisdom, truth, etc. 
It is as if a whirlpool of identity with that which is more superficial than pure consciousness has overtaken the world.

You too are pulled in that direction. To live better, humanity must look deeper. “Heat” is generated by the friction created when identity is too superficial… lost to relativity. To cool the planet is to move group consciousness more deeply. Otherwise we are merely rearranging the same old furniture in our home, hoping it will make the furniture new.

To answer directly your question, I say, Awaken world consciousness to pure consciousness, the Unified Field. The fastest and best way to do this is to build Unified Field Generators, i.e. Enlightened Cities. They will radiate the light of life to all existence. We are starting with one, Mount Soma. It will serve as a guiding light for humanity.

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