The Vedic Knowledge website is filling out nicely, and two recent publications are doing quite well at attracting public attention. Below are some recent articles, etc. in case you missed them:

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DrMichaelMamas.comThe Vedic Science and Vedic Arts sections on have been expanded. The new pages are:

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New Articles “Our 2nd Nervous System: 3 Points of Caution Regarding Yoga
Note: This article is getting a great response, with over 23,000 views to date! Elephant Journal is featuring it in their “Popular Now” section on the home page. “5 Steps to Master the Art of Negotiation
Note: This article also had great success! We don’t have a count on the number of views it has gotten, but it has over 3,800 Shares on social media.

LinkedIn: “7 Ways to Inspire Your Workforce

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