It seems a popular stance to claim you have no regrets in life.  Though from one perspective this makes sense, I do not think it is wise to feel you must always adhere to it.  Personally, I do not regret that I have regrets.  This is simply the nature of life.  I am thankful that none of my regrets are major or life altering.  However if you have such regrets, developing a healthy relationship with them is the path of wisdom.


flowerOddly enough, my motivation for this blog stems from what is in the greater scheme of things a small regret.  Once in a public lecture, I was asked what I considered the major

threat to our world.  I simply said that there were many, and nuclear annihilation may well be the most pressing.  Later that evening, I regretted missing the opportunity.  Perhaps I should have chosen annihilation of the honeybee.  Of course there are also the possibilities of global famine, epidemic, unleashing a weapon of mass destruction, a comet crashing into the earth, etc.  The point is that there are an unlimited number of potential threats to our existence.  If we just take a step back, it is easy to see that we cannot possibly address each on its own level and succeed.  There are just too many.  Humanity has had no choice but to function on those levels because it saw no other way to solve the problems.

However, there is a way.  By evolving the consciousness of humanity, we can save the world.  However, this does not mean indoctrination into a particular philosophy or way of thinking.  It is a more organic, more physiological, more fundamental process.  It is an evolutionary step every bit as much in a spiritual as a Darwinian sense.

The greatest threat to our world is the lack of evolution of humanity.  Evolution can be facilitated.  It can be cultivated.  By doing so, all threats to humanity will be solved.  How

can this possibly be so?    It is like a plant.  Without water, many different seemingly insurmountable problems arise. The plant wilts.  Insects devour it.  It does not bear fruit, etc., etc.  Watering the root regularly can solve all these problems.  Similarly, watering the root of life, consciousness, can solve all of humanities problems.  The depth and profundity of this cannot be overstated.  Before this is understood, the implications are so staggering that they trigger a level of disbelief that precludes further investigation.

The greatest threat to our existence is lack of consciousness in the most fundamental sense of the word.  Many of you have heard me speak on this subject over and over again.  Yet until one has actually experienced what it means to truly evolve, this is all just theory.  Superficial substitutes for true evolution (like adherence to spiritual or political philosophies and behavioral modifications) distract, mislead, and hold true evolution at bay.

I regret missing the opportunity to have responded to the question in this way.  The greatest threat to humanity is the lack of understanding of what it truly means to evolve and how to effectively go about it.  When this is understood, one naturally pursues their chosen walk of life in accord with that theme.

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