plantI was asked the following:

Please comment on reincarnation and if children are able to select their parents when they come back.  You mentioned in one of your previous blogs that some enlightened choose to come back.  Is it a choice to come back?

To which I respond:

Throughout history, metaphysical and theological questions have been asked and answered by people before they have the knowledge of the fundamental understanding of life and existence necessary to answer the question.  Such superficial answers are responsible for the recent rejection of spirituality and religion by so many rationally oriented people.

Recently, at a free lecture I gave in San Francisco, questions came up and some insisted upon answers when the topic was in this domain… i.e. the required background was not sufficient to understand the answer.  Of course, many are offended if I tell them this. I did my best to satisfy them without betraying the depth of the topic.

Regarding the question at hand, we would need to deepen our understanding of what ‘select’ means, what ‘choice’ means, before we could comment responsibly on ‘select their parents.’  Regarding the enlightened choosing to come back, we would also need to understand what ‘coming back’ means.  Strictly speaking, the enlightened are never really ‘here’ at all.

The individual asking this question thirsts for Knowledge.  I love that.  I respect that tremendously.  At the same time I know that longing will never be fulfilled on the level such questions are asked.  I intend with the blog, to inspire you to look deeper. So many have such questions.  So few have the patience to do what is required to find the answers.  So many ‘teachers’ (who would appropriately be students) are happy to provide simplistic and bogus answers.

It is like a child in math class who has yet to master addition and subtraction asking the teacher to teach him calculus and complex variable analysis.  It cannot happen. Any answer sets the student adrift more than it instructs.  Why satiate him into a false sense of knowing leaving him to float in a cloud of oblivion thinking he now has more knowledge than before?

The teacher longs to give an answer… in fact, that is the deep longing of every real teacher…  to teach.  Yet these things must be done in proper time and order, lest the answers mislead more than instruct.

To answer the questions asked here directly, the answer to each is the same, namely, ‘Yes and No.’ Further understanding would require deeper knowledge.

As I entitled one of my books, “Look Deeper, Live Better”.

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