treeI was asked the following question:

I feel I need a sense of ego to get me moving in a direction.  A feeling of deserving, with my back straight and ready to face the day.  But then I tell myself it is a lie, that it is just ego and I become deflated.  My question is without a false sense of self, what makes you feel worthy or motivated?


To which I respond:

The answer to your question lies in the question: “What is it that motivated you to ask this?”  It is a sense of Self.  Your relationship with your Self is one of doubt… but the Self shines through anyway in the form of this question.  You are well intended.  That is the Self shining through.  Doubts merely dance around it, like clouds around the sun.  What a wonder that something so ethereal as a cloud can seem to shroud the almighty sun.

Life is all about your relationship with all things in life.  Know your relationship with the Self for whatever it is.  Then you come to understand it.  Then you evolve it.  That is an organic, i.e. a natural, process.  Meditation and reflection move it along much more quickly.  You are doing well.  But do not try to turn an apple into an orange.  The humility of your relationship with your Divinity is a thing of beauty.  No need to judge it harshly.  Embrace it, not only for what it is, but also for what it will naturally blossom into.

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