Called “Ancient Wisdom” but to Vedic scholars its not just ancient but nobody’s listening.

Rudra and Shiva… what is the difference?  Age of Rudra rising

Shiva: Silence Absolute

Rudra:  Manifestation of Shiva… power to destroy negative,

Sri Rudrum.. Vedic ceremony every day at Mt Soma to purify global consciousness

“Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward.”


“A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation.”


[or as MMY put it.  A significant part of your spiritual evolution comes from your speech]

Ainsley University Christian Revival is in the national news.  It shows the power of group consciousness.  Imagine how powerful  and transformative it would become if raised to its full technological potential as the ancient masters explained in detail,

Beware of Experts

Experts know lots of facts.  But how much importance or weight is put upon one fact or another can skew the conclusion in any direction.  , for example, jyotish weighting.  True of all of life for that matter.  “Experts” vs common sense

Smart versus Crazy…  Many smart people are also crazy.

Equity in action:  e.g. recent plane crash and they saw it coming!.. across the board more people will die

Brakes on train in Ohio overheated with lots of warnings ignored.  Was the problem infrastructure, drugs, equity in action, or some other cover up?  IDK but I would like to know who was monitoring those warning signs,

We need competent, pragmatic, leadership, fiscal, responsibility, etc.

The world is salvageable, but the direction must change soon  …[2 more years? China window of opportunity]

Federal reserve needs competent management

RELATIONSHIP CAUTION: Mars in one sign for several months [Taurus] a few weeks to go  anger, etc. 

Very simple question: why does CDC refuse to release results of studies on the vaccine affectiveness and side effects

WHO [World ‘Health’ Organization] total takeover globally of pandemic, including lockdowns, vaccination mandates, etc for each separate country, including US to be signed Monday by president Biden with no congressional approval required.  Even climate change could be declared a pandemic.  WHO ties with CCP [comunist Chinese gov] is well documented].   However, if signed, I believe the time would come when congress would reverse.

They would also decide what is information and what is this disinformation and what goes on in the schools regarding the pandemic


China licking its chops over Ukraine situation, natural resources of Russia food source of Ukraine, will rebuild Ukraine and get a foothold in Eastern Europe

Build your opponent, a golden bridge to retreat across the heart of war 

Sun Tzu

Putin speech:  Ukrainian people become hostage of Kiev regime and their western masters are concealing their true goals to inflict a strategic defeat to Russia. they intend to transform the local conflict into a global confrontation.

Putin speaks on rampent perversion and morality corruption in the West [and he is correct about that].

NATO nations still not putting up their 2% [US/NATO fracture].  putin withdrawing from strategic offensive reduction treaty of 20 years ago between US and Russia [huge move!].  Putin drafting something like half a million troops. Russian economy is still robust… slight contraction at most.  

Many mysterious deaths/suicides among Russian military leaders against war

China/Russia alliance/axis strengthening — most dangerous anti USA block in history.  forms largest by far most powerful world economy, population, natural gas reserve, and land mass.    China and Russia economies becoming intertwined.  significantly more and more trade not being done in US dollar [very dangerous to US economy].  This is all leading to more and more military ties between nation with largest navy and nation with largest nuclear arsenal.  

Like it or not, Trump warned of this years ago and was impeached largely as a result.  Also, Biden with Afghanistan and now Ukraine has lead right into it. 

Zelensky himself said if China and Russia unite, there will be a 3rd world war.  However, as the above shows, they have already united.  Zelensky is no hero.  Aligned with Soros, skimming US money, banning christian priests, etc. The masses and puppets are duped once again just as Biden and Zelensky in Kiev walk before cameras to the sound of fake air raid ‘photo op’ siren.

[The greatest tragedy in my heart is the innocent children…war after war throughout history]

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