skyA terrible storm that has directly affected millions…  Yet so many more feel her wake…

Have you found it difficult to sleep the last couple of nights?  Many report that challenge.  Do you feel a tightness and trepidation in your heart, your chest and belly?   You are not alone.  It is as if, through the ethers… the akasha… many are feeling Sandy’s wake.  If you are among them, you may do well to lie in bed, curl up, and allow yourself to feel it.

The hardship and turmoil of those millions reaches out and grasps at the heart of so many more.  Is it empathy?  Or are you an empath?  Or is it just the shift in barometric pressure affecting the psyche?  Or are you just purifying out old childhood issues… perhaps post Mother Divine retreat purification?  Or could the visions of the ancients regarding this time in history be correct and now felt?  Or is it a combination of all or some of these things?

If, in Sandy’s wake, you are feeling the discomfort that so many are reporting, you would do well to understand what you are feeling.  The answer lies within you.  It seems some I have spoken with do not understand why they are feeling the way they do these past few days.  Know that is quite understandable.  Yet one thing is for certain: you do well to acknowledge that this is a time of great transition and a time to keep your eye on the ball with a steady hand on the rudder.

Many say the upcoming presidential election is the most important in our nation’s history… a time of great transition… a pivotal point in history.  Perhaps that is so. Perhaps not.  Yet we must all come together in prayer, in longing, that our nation chooses wisely.

Our hearts are with those who found themselves in the path of Sandy and, of course, with all those suffering throughout the world.  One thing for certain… this is a time of great transition.  May we reflect earnestly, to wisely choose a course that makes that transition as smooth as possible.

To live better, you must look deeper.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.