Scholars tend to be “know it alls”.
As is said, “The only true knowing is knowing that you know no-thing.”
Of course, scholars “know” all about that.
So even then, they remain “know it alls”.

Most in this world are addicted to a drug, of one sort or another.
Drugs turn people into “know it alls”.
That drug mentality has become main stream.
Often with minimal information, perhaps over lunch or on a street corner, perspectives are quickly formed and solidly held.
Often perspectives are based upon what is heard in a biased “classroom” or biased “newsroom”.

Facts are but dots on a page.
A perspective dictates just one way those dots can be connected.
A set of connecting lines is all too often called “knowledge”.
Lives are too often based upon a set of dot connecting lines.
Oh, if life were only that simple.

Of course, some perspectives are just plain wrong.
Yet there are an infinite number of simultaneously valid yet contradictory perspectives.

The wise know no-thing.
The wise honor the set of lines most sincerely addressing the moment.
The wise can be passionate.
Yet the wise are humble.
The wise seem a paradox to the world.

Some call them weaklings.
Some call them fools.
Some call them flip flopping, mind-changing chameleons.
Some call them arrogant.
Some call them much worse.

Wisdom is not made of fixed perspectives.
The sum total of all the dot connecting lines nets out to no-thing, the only true knowing.
Wisdom is a physiological state of awareness.
Wisdom is a state of freedom of the mind, of the minds physiology.
Because the wise are in that sense formless, any form can be projected upon them…. and is.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.