horsesYou have been raised to think a certain way.  Influences include your parents, your culture, your schooling, your friends, and your associates.

People love to learn.  But few are willing to change their world view.  They neatly tuck away new information they gain that does not conform to their world view.  It is like they stuff it away in a shoebox in their closet, labeling it as an ‘interesting philosophy’ or worse.

Some may even live by the new philosophy (or tell themselves and others that they do) until it is time to live up to those principles in a pressure situation.  Then they fall back onto the old belief system they have been indoctrinated into.

When you ask yourself what you really believe, do not look to times when all is wonderful.  Look to times when you have been put under pressure.  Recall how you behaved and learn about yourself from that.  Do not use it to judge yourself.  Use it to learn about yourself.  But do learn.

Real change, real evolution, is a gradual process.  Far too many rush to find more information to pack into their notebooks and call that learning.  True learning requires courage.

I know so much more than I am able to share.  To say too much… to try to help people transform too fast… is to have the knowledge bounce off and galvanize the listener.  It makes little sense to try to teach calculus to those that doubt the validity of arithmetic. At best, your knowledge is tucked away in that box, labeled ‘interesting philosophy.’  It bothers me to think anyone would do that to my teachings.

For those willing and able to truly learn, the future is bright.  For others, the day will come when they mourn over what might have been.

Please do not take this as an ominous warning.  Instead, take it as inspiration to reflect deeply, and wisely move forward with your life.  For the ostrich to take his head out of the ground, courage is required.  To not bury your head, you must be a true hero.

Be that hero.  Move forward, forward, always forward.  Growth means change.

To ‘know about’ is a nice beginning.  To ‘become’ requires fundamental transformation.  Who are you really?  Are the philosophies you adhere to simplistic, or are they profound?  They must be profound, because I assure you that life is not simplistic… it is profound.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.