ShivaIn the USA, the television show called ‘Duck Dynasty’ has become very popular. Though I have never watched the show, I understand that an interview of its main patriarch triggered a great deal of controversy when he talked about what he saw as sin and the path to salvation.

To fathom all this, we must first understand that there is an underlying essence to all of life and existence.  Modern science calls it the Unified Field.  Theologians call it God.  Everything in essence, is that unified field.  It is the source of all that is… the source of all the intelligence and harmony that birth all of existence.  It is nature, Mother Nature.  Your own true nature is one with Mother Nature.  You are, in essence, the unified field, i.e. one with God.

So what is sin?  You could say that it quite simply is not living in harmony with your own true nature.  That is the same as not living in harmony with Nature, Mother Nature, God, the Unified Field, etc.  Clearly then, there are varying degrees of sin. Though simplistic, it is good that humanity has been provided with certain rules or laws to help people live in harmony with Nature.  But where do you draw the line? When do these guidelines cease to be supportive and become oppressive?  And who says the rules are really all correct or correctly understood?  And are there exceptions to them?  For example, with regard to ‘thou shalt not kill’ is there ever an exception?  These matters can and are debated ad nausea.  Opinions abound.  But in the final analysis, the answers cannot be derived intellectually.  Even as times change, the laws of nature change.  Techniques and rules that work in one age (such as holding your hands over your head indefinitely to gain powers) may not be right for another.

How then does one not sin?  Well, starting with basic rules can be helpful, but they are only training wheels.  Ultimately, to not sin is to spontaneously live in harmony with nature.  And that is a physiological state.  It is not a rulebook.  Rules may assist in the process of attaining that state, but that state goes far beyond the reach of those rules. Furthermore, rules quickly deteriorate into a quagmire of dogma. What is the way out?  Evolve.  Grow toward enlightenment.  Do not be simplistic in your understanding of what that means.  Be discerning.

So what is salvation?  Like everything in existence, there are many levels to it. Superficially, salvation is any sort of awakening or commitment to a deeper or wiser truth.  For example, New Years resolutions are a sort of salvation or commitment to becoming a better you.  Being ‘Born Again’ too is such a commitment or some level or degree of awakening.  But there are an infinite number of awakenings.  Some things that are viewed as awakenings may even be steps backward.  Of course, the highest form of salvation is enlightenment… spontaneously living in harmony with Nature.  But just get ready.  When you see beyond the horizon, all who have their gaze fixed upon rules and laws will judge you in terms of what they are capable of seeing.  It has been said that the enlightened, in this age of ignorance, are kicked around like a football.  For now, no matter who you are, no matter how knowledgeable you may be in your studies of spirituality, know that you are in for new awakenings.  Also know that when the great awakening comes, your understanding of everything, of all you think you know, will be turned over on its head… like a sock that was inside out being turned right side out.   Discernment is the path to ultimate salvation.  Wisdom is the path of discernment. Humility is the flip side of wisdom.

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