Smart Blog - Michael MamasSomeone once said to the Guru, “Intelligent people might be smart, but they have no deep feelings.” To which the Guru replied, “That is not possible. The intellect is founded in deep feelings. Without a refined feeling level at the depth of one’s being, the intellect cannot be clear.”

Different people show their feelings in different ways, express themselves in different ways, but that is not for others to judge.



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  1. A good reminder about judging other people.

  2. Hence the Center of Rational Spirituality. When I turned from a life that celebrated only intelligence and denied the messy feelings to a life that encouraged warm fuzzy evocation, but denied the rational mind, I felt lost there too. Thank you for tying these aspects of our being together once again.

  3. Thank you!!!

  4. Each time I truly feel what is in another’s heart, it becomes impossible to judge the actions . .

  5. I agree that judging does not help. At the same time, I can’t lie to myself if I feel repelled by someone else’s style – not that I have to say that to the person in question. What would help me is reviewing strategies to understand the people who show and express their feelings in very different ways than me. They are going to come across as harder to understand, to me, because their way is foreign to my way. The whole thing probably happens in reverse, too, where the same person may feel repelled by my style, simultaneously.