writingI remember when writing The Golden Frog how many times my editor and I would go back and forth on even one sentence. It drove me nuts but it was great.  It is the process of writing. The messenger is not the message.  Yet all their personality flaws glare in your face if you do not like the message!

Thoreau would spend days on one sentence.  He said there is no choice about the words.  There is one and only one right word.

Write and rewrite… then do it again and again.

Did you see the movie, ‘A River Runs Through It’?  The father was teaching his son to write.  Whatever the son wrote, the father would read it, give it back to him, and say “Ok, now write it again with half as many words.”

Learning is often frustrating.  Writing is like mathematics in that way.  It can be a most frustrating process.

What you write is an intimate part of your self.  It is not uncommon for edits to feel invasive.

Treat those edits as part of the process.  Writing is a learned skill, like playing a musical instrument.

I am not a great writer, but I do have some sense of the process of how to become one.

For the purpose of blogging, I just write.  I look forward to having the time to try my hand at really writing again.

As time passes, the process gets more and more fluid.

As you know, Hemmingway wrote a book that required no edits.  That is something to aspire to, but do not mistake the goal for the process.

It takes a lot of pressure to make a diamond.

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