Message from Barbara at Mount Soma.


We have received our Certificate of Occupancy for the Student Union!

Obstacles from ever-changing county regulations have brought us many unforeseeable expenses.  Those overages are an astounding 41.6% above the cost of the original, county approved, plans for the Student Union.  As a result, we are in need of funds for outstanding construction invoices and costs involved in setting up the Student Union so that it can be fully up and running.

This is typically the time of year when people make donations to non-profit organizations.  If most people can donate $500 by January 12, we can keep things moving forward.  For those donating $500 or more, your name will be included in a special havan for health, wealth, and enlightenment.  You will also receive a rudraksha bead blessed during that ceremony, mounted on gold-filled wire as a pendant for personal jewelry, meditation, or a home altar.

Please let your family and friends know how to contribute.  Click here to donate, and select Student Union.

This Student Union building will make it possible for the ashram to grow in numbers.  The ashram is the core work force for achieving our goals: raising the consciousness of humanity and bringing peace on earth.  What better cause is there?


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