treeI was asked the following:

In more ways than one it is possible to determine by experiment how the spirit helps even the development of muscles. I do not speak of Hatha Yoga, in which physical exercise is emphasized primarily. In other Yogas, physical exercise has not such significance, but the spiritual development gives the muscles a special tone. Take two athletes let one develop along physical methods alone and the other realize the power of the spirit. How much more will the latter excel!   This comes from a book fiery world, the last sentence you see what do you say about this, isn’t it beautiful?


To which I reply:

Yes it is beautiful.  Spiritual Energy (life force) underlies all that is.  It can be directed into any endeavor be it physical, intellectual, musical… anything, even the performance of what some would call miracles.

Where it is directed is a highly individual matter.  As you evolve, you have greater access to it and you direct it more and more along the lines of your nature and what is appropriate for you at the given time.  Your true nature is in harmony with Mother Nature.

It also happens that people develop in a manner that is not well integrated on all levels.  Then they may have a great deal of spiritual energy, but it is not directed in a manner that is in harmony with their true nature… with Mother Nature… with Natural Law.  This is an aspect of Kali Yuga, the Age of Ignorance.

Imagine a time when people have access to unlimited spiritual energy and spontaneously use it in harmony with nature.  That is the time we are working to bring forth.

I do what i can to care for my body which is my ‘vehicle’, but I choose to direct most of my energy into assisting humanity to attain greater integration with the Spiritual Power that dwells within.  It is clear to me that the best way to do this is to build Mount Soma… a Light of Life for all humanity.

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