Ok, Ok, Yes I agree that knowledge and practice of knowledge such as mantras, japa, meditation, pujas, havens, etc. is of great value in that they refine the physiology, culture the heart, and thereby evolve us.  🧚‍♀️

But I am talking about intellectual understanding here and, even more importantly, the integration of that knowledge into your behavior.  In my podcasts for example, so many listened to the podcasts on paradigm identity, reality continuum, and mapping and some felt confident that they knew all about it.  You may have even found the topic boring since you had already heard about it.  But then in the podcasts about the enlightened city and coronavirus you do well to ask yourself if you thought and felt along the lines of those principles or just fell back on your old paradigm identity and evaluated everything based upon that identity.  For example, was the notion of positive attracts negative just not acceptible by your paradigm identity?  How about the notion of mapping an enlightened city onto a nation?  Or how about different perspectives on the coronavirus?  In my conversations with people, I have seen how few are able to do look beyond their paradigm identity.  👁

Also in daily life in general, how many behave with wisdom and reflection?  How many still act instinctively and spontaneously based upon their emotional and psychological programming?  In particular when life becomes challenging, how many behave not in accord with their inner wisdom but rather upon the rakshasa value that dwells within—perhaps anger, judgement or even hatred?  Suddenly ones true spiritual level comes into question.  Yes?  😡

Keep in mind that knowing all about spirituality is a good beginning often mistaken for the goal.  If you choose to white knuckle onto your judgements and hostilities, they will, of course, stay with you longer.  Expansion of awareness, of consciousness, is no simplistic task.  It is the journey of the true hero.  There is no way around that.  Attacking anything you do not feel one with is not the path to unity.  Learn to under-stand and not over-stand.  Humility is the flip side of wisdom.  I have said all these things before.  But every indidvidual does well of take a step back and observe their own behavior.  How quickly the peace and love attitude morphs into antifa. 🤯

 Please keep in mind that this is Kali Yuga—the age when the rakshasas dwell within the hearts and minds of the people.  It is not so hard to believe that about other people.  But the most important person to know and work with in that regard is yourself.  😱

We just posted another podcast called Coronavirus: Taking a stand.  It would be a good exercise to explore where you go with it in light of what has been said here.  You can access that podcast by clicking here. 🙏

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