In a nutshell:

1] You start but see little or no results. This is when most people get discouraged and quit. Fear and doubt take them over. They decide it is not for them, or they are just not cut out for it… something is wrong with them, etc. They quit and end up feeling bad about themselves. If this sounds like you, please do not give up. Try again OR, if that really was not for you, then find another longing inside yourself, a new challenge. Keep going until you get to step #3 below, in some area that resonates with you. But remember that the time most people quit, is right before they were about to get to that all important step #3, i.e. before the get over THE HUMP.

2] You keep up step #1 just long enough to see some results. This stage often is first realized when another person acknowledges your progress, even before you acknowledge it for yourself.

3] THE HUMP: This is when you really get that it is working. You are making progress. What you are doing is working. All you need to do is keep it up. You get inspired to stay with it. This is when you really come to acknowledge, to know, from within your own self that it is definitely working. Once you get over that hump, your chances of reaching your goal increase many, many fold. You’ve essentially done it! You were climbing a seemingly unclimbable mountain until this moment. It is now “all down hill from here”. Unfortunately, most people quit before they get over that hump. Acknowledgement from another in step #2 above can often be just what you need to reach this step of knowing you know how to do it from within your own self. Never lie to someone to try to get them to step #3 though. Once your credibility is shot in that way, you are finished in their eyes. You can cheer them on to get them there, but do not tell them they are there when you do not really believe it.

4] You gain momentum. You start forming opinions based upon what really worked for you. You start filtering through all the information and advice you have gathered to determine for yourself what works and what does not.

5] You become a true authority on the topic, or at least your particular segment of it. That is actually a pitfall for some who think that the way they did it is the only way. Yet if they remain humble with what they know and do not know, it leads to step #6.

6] You enjoy sharing what you have learned with others and helping them along their way.

7] You branch out to the next challenge, the next new step #1, the new horizon. Only this time, you are more confident with step #1 because you have learned the steps to success from your previous experience.

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