horse“The cunning man steals a horse, the wise man lets him alone.” – Benjamin Franklin

These days, most strive to be clever.  Who outsmarts others?  Who insists on hearing a different drum a-drummin’?  Who shrewdly functions outside the box?  Who defiantly paints outside the lines?

That sort of street mentality may get you a horse, but it won’t get you a happy and fulfilling life.  Prosperity is far more than money.  Deep inside, we all long for God.  The cunning just don’t understand what they long for.  The wise do.

Strive for the highest.  The hare may get speedy results, but as in the old children’s story, the tortoise wins the race.  Use what energy you have to attain true happiness. Leave the street behind.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.