horsesWe finished our three-day class here at Mount Soma a few days ago and now the Deep Dive Course is underway. The theme of the class (the Structure of the Veda) has carried over into the Deep Dive.

I am having a wonderful time with it… incredibly fascinating. New insights are being revealed daily. It is a field that can be pondered without end. As the pondering/exploration continues, the ocean of your being is churned and, in so doing, the nectar of immortality, of wisdom, emerges (as per the classic tug of war between Devas and Asuras). It is all exquisitely beautiful.

It is good to stay close these days and attend classes and lectures as much as possible. To be a part of the process now going on is a great fortune.

Presently, the information feels too delicate and deep to even attempt to provide in a blog or to make tapes available. I must say that I have been enjoying it immensely… fascinating and evolutionary beyond words!

These days, my reflective thoughts are mostly with the Veda. I have noticed that as a result, I have not written a blog for a while. Please accept this explanation. I suspect I will resurface soon.

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