LC LawnThis past week at Mount Soma has been really fantastic, starting with the two-day Surya class. Then Guru Purnima, which for me, was the most profound and beautiful yet. The meditation retreat is still going on with people beginning to come down in rounds soon.

If the purification process ever has any roughness to it, that is the most likely time. So as usual, we are reminding everyone attending to take their thoughts and emotions a little less seriously over the next several days and just be easy with the process. This is not to say that thoughts during this time have no validity, but rather that the emotions around them at this time can be more substantial. Reducing the meditation time while keeping this in mind insures a smooth and enjoyable reintegration of the physiology. This is, after all, the primary purpose of meditation… an integrated physiology being the foundation of a life lived in harmony.

When you finally get enlightened, you discover how ridiculously physiological the whole thing is. Enlightenment can, of course, be viewed from different angles, but it is invaluable to understand and honor this physiological perspective.

Later this morning we will have a Ganesh puja at the temple.  With the transcendent enlivened by all that has been going on, it should be really something. As you get more and more comfortable and settled in the temple, the sublime quality of the akasha (atmosphere) there becomes increasingly palpable. This is referred to as the presence of the Gods. I encourage you all to aspire to that level where you directly experience the Gods as your personal friends. After all, that is your birthright.



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