devotionWe enjoyed an incredible retreat and Guru Purnima over the past couple of weeks. The feeling here would be difficult to describe. Every day the weather felt like those summer days of childhood… clean, fresh, … magical. The group dynamic was so very fine… allowing the knowledge to go very deep during lectures and classes. During the Sarvadevata and Guru Havans, the discussions with Panditji were profound and beautiful. I tried to paraphrase them for this blog, but words on a page could just not capture the feeling, so I felt like it was not proper to even try.

Evenings were cool and beautiful. As has become my Guru Purnima middle of the night tradition, I got out of bed, walked out in the back yard and gazed at the moon… an occasional cloud floated before it… the ground, sky, trees, and buildings softly glowing in the moonlight.

The sublime feeling of deep friendship and community permeated every moment of every day. On the last day, as we left the temple after the Ganesh Puja, the tender feelings of closure of that beautiful time permeated all our hearts. Upon arriving home, I could only sit, gaze out my window, and rest quietly with the fine feelings of what we all created together.

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