Super Bowl - Michael MamasA number of times yesterday and today, I have been asked to write something about the Super Bowl.  I thought to tell you about all the silly and fun pregame antics we have enjoyed among ourselves here at Mount Soma throughout the playoffs through today, but it seemed to not be enough to say or very easy to convey either.  It all just naturally built upon itself as a bunch of hilarious back and forth emails and frivolities.

There was just an interview with the Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning that was personally quite moving for me.  It is likely his last game before retirement.  He said what was most important to him was to earn the respect of his teammates and coaches.  That is certainly one of the most important things in life.  You can’t expect to gain respect from all the people who do not really know you, but to earn the respect of those that are close to you, those who see and work with you on a regular basis is a most laudable life goal.  I can honestly say that I have deep respect for all of the people with whom I have the honor to be around here at Mount Soma and work with closely and I know they feel the same.  For that I am most grateful.

Enjoy the Super Bowl!  If you do not like football, there are always the commercials and halftime show!!

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