eyesLife is far more abstract and complex than most realize.  The principle of mapping permeates everything.  In reflexology the foot maps on to the rest of the body – the big toe is the head, the heel is the pelvis, etc.  In a graph, a value of x maps on to a value of y.  Mappings are everywhere and become profoundly complex.  In Vedic technology of the Unified Field, objects in a puja or homa (Vedic ceremonies) map on to operators deep within the mechanics of existence.

The human psyche innately knows such principles exist, even though modern scientific thought has only comprehended the most superficial and simplistic mappings.  Superstitions emerge when people reach for such mappings but do not have the clarity of mind and soul necessary to fathom such mappings.  Imagine a life when these mappings are spontaneously understood and honored.

Today, most sane people judge themselves and others harshly for their affinity for such mappings, calling it superstition.  You may even consider yourself or others a bit crazy for having that affinity.  Please understand that the affinity is not crazy.  It is only that more clarity is required.  Such clarity comes through evolution.

Meditation and discernment are your most powerful tools.  I have taught you how to meditate.  My blogs, classes, etc. help you to cultivate discernment.  Most consider learning to be the accumulation of facts and techniques.  Few understand that true learning is the cultivation of discernment.  Through discernment, you fathom the depth of life and existence.  You come to perceive the profound mechanics underlying life and existence.

The world is not as you have been lead to believe.

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