There is one thing that is the source of everything.

Everything is, in essence, that.
Modern Physicists call it the unified field.
Others call it ‘God’.
I am that, thou art that, all of this is nothing but that.

flowerAll creatures, to varying degrees, sense it deep within themselves.
It is an innate inner knowing.
It is felt.
It is life.
It is instinctively known to be precious.
It is protected.
It is the soul.
It is the life force.
It is the Self.

Faith is rooted in that inner knowing.
The power of that inner knowing is remarkable
… humanity has constructed great cities, religions, and temples in its name.
… even though it
___… is not fully understood
___… can not be grasped
___… transcends relativity.

Yet faith’s vision is veiled
… by dogma
… by lack of understanding
… by emotional bias
… by intellectual bias
… by indoctrination

Aspire to that which lies beyond the veil of faith.
That process is called the path of discernment.
It is not blindly faithful.
It questions everything.
It is the path of inquiry.

Discernment is not
… just of the mind
… nor just of the heart.

Discernment unifies
… heart with mind
… soul with thought
… subjective with objective

As Adi Shankar said, the spiritual path is the path of discernment.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.