I have spoken of how Darwinian evolution was accelerated by the fact that everything is gravitating back to the Unified Field.  It is like a science fiction, outer space, magnetic beam that pulls a satellite to the mother station.  Yet at some point, the Mother Station connects to the satellite directly and infuses the power of the Mother Station directly into the satellite.

Similarly, as species evolve, the nervous system finally connects directly with the Unified Field. This then allows for a rapid transformation of the brain physiology. Therein lies the meaning of being “born in God’s image.”

I have spoken of this for years but only recently learned that modern science acknowledges that time period of rapid transformation of the brain.  Modern anthropologists call that time of rapid transformation of the brain the Big Bang of the Brain, but they still do not understand why it happened.

Some people even imagine that extraterrestrials came to earth and caused it to occur!  Once again, if the big picture of existence is understood first, all things are given their proper context and can thereby be understood.  With a little thought, you can understand the real meaning of Adam and Eve, based upon this understanding. The forbidden fruit is called conditioning (samskaras), which we sometimes call ‘identity’.

In all of life, you do well to start with the highest first.  All of life can be understood and lived in that context. Far too often people live in service to the trees immediately around them, without properly understanding their place in the forest… the big picture.

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