Yesterday Barbara, Marcia, and I had a planning meeting at Barbara’s house for the Enlightened City design. After a telephone conversation with the Sthapatis in India, we decided to walk down to the temple to report the latest developments to Panditji. Walking down the path by Hanuman Park, I mentioned that we all felt light-hearted as children going for an adventurous walk on a summer day. We were not embarked upon a task, we were enjoying a pure hearted adventure… light as feathers. They both agreed. They could feel it. One of us commented that this is how life should always be.

Later that day, my daughter mentioned a book title to me, “The Blinding Absence of Light”. Though I still have little idea of what the book is about, the title inspired me with a flood of thoughts. As adults, the lightness of heart, the innocence of childhood, is all too often absent. It seems that has almost become a requirement for adulthood. In moments of retaliation, adults may attempt to reclaim that lightness in unnatural ways. The truth is, lightness is more an inner state than an outer behavior. Too many are blinded by the absence of such light-hearted simplicity in their daily life. The company you keep, where you put your attention, and your attitude in general, all have profound effects on your psyche, your health, and your happiness.

Do we even have a word for mature, adult, inner light-heartedness? It is simple but not simplistic. It is playful, yet more about an inner state than an outer behavior. It is not blinding, but eye-opening to the blessings of life. The absence of such lightness is blinding, but has overtaken the belief systems of many. The solution is simple, not complex. Favor simplicity but do not be simplistic. Favor innocence but do not be naive. Remove the blinders of a burdened worldview. Your boat can be in the choppy waters of life, but no need for those waters to be in the boat of your Being. Favor a light relationship with life over a heavy, burdensome worldview. This need not be an overt act. It is just a matter of not getting in your own way and allowing yourself to enjoy life in a simple, innocent, and feather-light manner.

Of course, ‘light’ has another meaning as well. From deep within you, unencumbered by conventional views, indoctrinations, or self-imposed manipulations of your inner wisdom… there lies what may be called your inner light, your inner knowing, your inner sight. To deny it, even in the name of what you have learned to be a better way, is to impose upon yourself the blinding absence of light. Truth lies within you. Yet truth is easily obscured when you allow life’s complexities to blind you to your own inner truth. To be free is to live in harmony with that inner knowing, that inner wisdom, those inner instincts.

Now combine these two meanings of ‘light’ and simply live your life. Remember, Truth is light. All the tools I have given you facilitate the culturing of that. It is a process. Enjoy the light!


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