People here at Mount Soma’s Community Center and Student Union have been telling me they are receiving a lot of questions about the Bliss Course, previously known as the Awakening Course. We have renamed it the ‘Bliss Course’, as people have been referring to it that way. Some Ashram participants wrote the following and asked me to post it. 

After receiving inquiries about the Bliss Course, as students of Dr. Mamas, we wanted to give you a sense of what a long-term course at Mount Soma is like.

Michael Mamas shapes all programs and courses for the evolution of individuals, the group, and the greater good. He is always responsive to the group consciousness and the flow of the moment, which gives variation and flex to everything. Courses are usually designed in harmony with the Ashram Program.

Here is a typical ashram day:

We begin with meditation at 7 AM. Afterwards, we have breakfast and then begin our morning projects. When he feels it is indicated, Dr. Mamas meets with everyone. Midday, we have a delicious homemade vegetarian meal. Over lunchtime, we often take a walk and enjoy the mountain air. We have a little more activity in the afternoon and then meditate again. In the evening, there are activities in the temple we can attend. After dinner, we often enjoy relaxing together and personal time before lights out at 10 PM.

This daily schedule of meditation, activity, and sleep supports our well being and promotes the integration of the Transcendent into our physiology and daily life.

The motivation for the Bliss Course is to support people’s evolution. All activities and projects are designed to help you catch the flow of the Cosmic Stream. When you’re at Mount Soma, there is a palpable feeling that is beyond description. It resonates with the deepest part of us and over time, the bliss wells up more and more…

Over the next week, we are hoping to put out some more information about the Bliss Course and possibly some videos of Michael Mamas discussing it.

Stay tuned!

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