beachI was asked in ‘comments’ about these things to which I responded:

You are like a diamond with many facets. On a superficial level you are just flesh and blood… a biochemical machine if you will.

On a deeper level you are a personified being. When you think of another person, you think of that being. The body of flesh and blood is just what that being is occupying. I used the word ‘soul’ to mean the essence of that being. It is the junction point of the persona with the absolute. You can feel your soul deep inside. However, you cannot feel the absolute… it is beyond relativity. Similarly, though you cannot feel the Sun… it is too far away… you can feel the Sun’s rays. By so feeling the rays, you come to know the nature of the Sun. The Soul is like the rays… emitting from the absolute.

The picture of a person serves as a portal or gateway to their persona, then the soul, then the absolute. It is a continuum.

The picture or image of a God is structured in the finest level of existence… the fabric of existence… eternal.

The Gods can be viewed as different aspects of the one God… facets of the one diamond. Each facet is a portal into the entire diamond. They are operators of existence just as addition and subtraction are operators within the field of mathematics.


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