gymLike most everyone, I do try to take care of my physical body. Unfortunately, when I get too busy, the first two things to go are diet and exercise. During those windows of opportunity in my life, when I do exercise and watch my diet, I enjoy reading and learning about nutrition and training. I take what I learn and create an ever-evolving program for myself. It is all very fascinating to me. And the principles are universal. They map on to personal evolution beautifully.

Recently after a great deal of exploration, reflection, and discernment, I found a trainer that I feel really knows his stuff. After reading most everything he has written, I decided to go with his diet and fitness instructions 110% and had a phone consultation with him. He has become my ‘fitness guru’. Such commitment is not so easy. It involves change. The good news is that it has given me a greater appreciation of how difficult it is for many of you to really listen to, hear, and receive what I offer.

I remember saying that if I ever find out that I should not be using stevia, that is where I would draw the line. Well guess what… no stevia for me. I felt all the resistances to that… all the rationalizations like: 1) well, how much difference can a little stevia in my morning coffee really make? 2) does he really know what he is talking about? Maybe he is wrong on just this one little thing 3) Maybe if I just take some cinnamon and other herbs with it then my blood sugar would remain stable, etc. etc. But I just had to stick to my commitment and go with what he said. That’s the deal I made, as I sit here sipping my morning tea since unsweetened coffee is just too bitter for me. One of life’s little pleasures gone with the wind!

Now stevia is just one example. As a result of my consult with him, I have had to revamp not only some of my habits, but also (and with even more difficulty) my thinking on many things that on one level “I already knew all about.” After all, I read all of his books and many other fitness and nutrition books as well.

Again the good news is, this has enlivened my appreciation of how difficult it is for many of you to make the changes necessary to move forward. As Winston Churchill said, “I like to learn, I am just not particularly fond of being taught.” But I prefer to align with what the grandfather of chess said, “Five minutes with a master is better than a life time of study”. As I like to say, you can know all about it, but until you embody it, you do not really know it. Real change is not so easy. Funny thing is, though I already knew everything he said, it went in deeper and in a different way after the consult… when I decided to be 110% accountable to him. You have to be accountable! And that is a real and ongoing challenge. Now is the time to make change happen. As Nike says, “Just do it” or as my fitness guru says, “Attack”, “You’ve gotta earn it”. “110% is the key.” Or as he likes to quote Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Let’s get SERIOUS!”

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