For a book or movie to be successful, it has been said it must follow the classic story line… start with a content status quo, go into thrills and adventure, and return home to peace and contentment. It is said that is the formula that has worked throughout eternity. But why?

The other day I realized why. First there was wholeness. Then the universe manifested when Pure Consciousness perceived itself as other and multiplicity emerged… many thrills and adventures resulted. Over time life evolves, and one by one, human beings awaken to their true nature. They return home to peace and contentment.

Everything maps. Reading or viewing the classic story line touches that place deep inside where you already know everything. You are reminded of the nature of life, your life… your journey. The Classic Story Line works so well because it is the story line of your very existence… of all existence. It maps onto the story of all that is. It is the story of the universe and everything in it.

It is your story.


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