sandboxWe have the unique ability to reason.  That is a most powerful tool. However, when it is not rooted in harmony with natural law, the results can be unthinkable.

As a group consciousness, humans have yet to attain the ability to behave in harmony with natural law, i.e. with the Divine.  As a result, terrible things occur.  No contrived law of humans can control such things, just as one cannot hold back the tides of the ocean with a castle of sand.

The only solution is a physiological process – the process of evolution – to become rooted in the depth of our Being so that our cognitive awareness spontaneously functions in harmony with life. All attempts to function in harmony without actually evolving the physiology will ultimately fail.  We must evolve as a species until we fully align with nature, our True nature, which is Divine.

Until that occurs, the cognitive mind will continue to be a most dangerous quality.  Yet once cognitive function is rooted in the Divine, Heaven on Earth will be our living daily reality.  The technology is there.  Wake up calls are all around.  Humanity will, in time, listen.

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.