Everything is born of and gravitates back to Oneness
Just as every drop of rain comes from and returns to the ocean
This natural flow of existence is called the Cosmic Stream
moving all life in a positive, positive, always positive direction.
Can you hear it? Can you feel it? Do you live it?

What you hear, feel, see, and live is already inside you.
Just as everything is colored by the color glasses you wear, perception is really projection.
If negativity is inside you, then you believe in and resonate with the negative and see that as truth.
To you, the Cosmic Stream then is more a lofty ideal you long for but can not have… a dream, a wish…

In this time of humanity, negativity is considered smart… street smart.
Positivity is considered naive.
One negative perception (projection) outweighs years of positivity, as if finally, the truth be known.
Negativity resonates with negative notions and quickly turns against the positive, the good.
What dwells on the inside defines what is believed about the outside world, about others.

To know, see, feel, and live the Cosmic Stream is to remove the tinted glasses and see the world for what it truly is.
Truly, all things gravitate back to Oneness, back to God. The natural flow of life is positivity.
Truly the Cosmic Stream carries us in the direction of good, of God.
To know this nature of life, is to trust in life.

Come on…
Do not be dissuaded by negativity.
Life is Divine.
What is inside you determines what you believe about the outside, about others.
Free yourself from negativity.
Otherwise, though you may long for God, you will not walk with God.
The Divine awaits you.
The Divine lies within you, free, trusting, loving, see the best in others, in the world.
Spiritual liberation means freedom. It is just that simple.

The Divine Flow - Michael Mamas

© Michael Mamas. All rights reserved.